Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees is paramount at Wheaton Precious Metals. We believe everyone should go home healthy and safe each and every day. As one of our core values, safety plays an important role in how we operate. As an office-based company, employees at both of our offices are trained on emergency preparedness in the event of a workplace incident or natural disaster. In the event of a significant disruption, the Company’s Business Continuity Plan would be enacted to minimize impact to operations, with specific training provided to select employees.

In the Cayman Islands, one of the greatest safety risks is the threat of a hurricane making landfall. A Hurricane Preparedness Plan has been developed outlining the roles and responsibilities should a hurricane be imminent. In Vancouver, the emergency response plan focuses on earthquakes and several other potential emergency situations. Additionally, all employees are required to follow the general health and safety rules, including COVID-19 protocols, as outlined in the Employee Handbook to ensure an incident free workplace. 

Additionally, Wheaton provides health and safety training, focused on physical and mental health, to all employees. A healthy and active lifestyle is strongly encouraged through the Company’s Employee Health & Wellness programs. The program provides employees with subsidies for fitness memberships, activity programs, and the purchase of fitness-related equipment. 

To learn more about our policy on Health & Safety, please refer to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.