Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. and its subsidiaries (“Wheaton”) generate revenue by entering into streaming agreements with third party independent mining companies (“Third-Party Operators”) with operating mines as well as exploration and development-stage mining projects (“mine project(s)”).

Wheaton is not involved in nor does it control the operational decisions of mine projects by Third-Party Operators; however, Wheaton is indirectly exposed to environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) and other risks arising from these mine projects.

Wheaton requires that our suppliers, including our streaming partners, meet or exceed certain standards of business practice. Please see the Partner/Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out the minimum standards of conduct expected from all suppliers wishing to do business with Wheaton.

The following Investment Principles guide Wheaton’s approach to evaluating potential streaming transactions as well as monitoring existing streaming agreements. The purpose of these principles is to identify Third-Party Operators that appropriately manage their ESG and other risks in order to minimize Wheaton’s indirect exposure to those risks.

ESG Investment Principles

  1. Wheaton will exercise due diligence in making investments. Investment decisions will be made after careful review and consideration of the technical, financial, ESG and other risks of the mine project. Wheaton will also assess the financial position, management experience, and track record in relation to ESG risk management of the Third-Party Operator as outlined in the Due Diligence Process.
  2. Wheaton requires Third-Party Operators to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction in which mine projects are located.
  3. Wheaton will take into account ESG issues by reviewing the ESG-related programs, policies and standards of Third-Party Operators. Performance, historical issues/incidents and corrective actions will be reviewed when relevant. Wheaton will only engage with Third-Party Operators that perform to a standard that is in accordance with responsible industry standards and practices, and that is satisfactory to Wheaton.
  4. Wheaton will maintain regular and ongoing dialogue with Third-Party Operators as to the status of the mine project. Wheaton will also review external reports related to the mine project including reviewing media reports in order to identify ESG issues or risks.
  5. Wheaton will pay appropriate attention to ESG data reported by Third-Party Operators regarding mine projects over which it holds interests and will report relevant, material information to its stakeholders.
  6. Wheaton will consider partnering with Third-Party Operators to provide financial support for local community development projects where mine projects are located. Emphasis will be placed on supporting initiatives in jurisdictions that have the most need for funding and will demonstrate the greatest impact.
  7. Wheaton is committed to supporting Third-Party Operators in their efforts to improve their ESG policies and performance, and will encourage operators to implement best practices.
  8. Wheaton will support industry associations and councils that are committed to principles of seeking continuous improvement in sustainable resource development.
  9. Wheaton is committed to continuous improvement, and will, on an ongoing basis, consider potential enhancements to its ESG programs and policies.
  10. Wheaton will evaluate whether to pursue an investment should any issue(s) arise or be identified; and if so, whether any additional terms and/or commitments by the Third-Party Operator are required to ensure that corrective actions are taken.