Shares & Warrants

As of SEPT 30, 2018
Shares Outstanding 443.6 M
Diluted Shares Outstanding* 444.1 M

*Diluted Shares Outstanding calculated using the treasury method.

Top 10 Institutional Holders

Institution Name Shares Held % Held As of Source
First Eagle Investment Management, LLC28,221,1406.309/30/201813F
Templeton Global Advisors, LTD24,910,4125.609/30/201813F
Van Eck Associates Corp.23,695,7445.309/30/201813F
BlackRock Investment Management (U.K.), LTD17,264,2793.912/31/2018Sum of Fund
Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC12,579,9442.809/30/201813F
The Vanguard Group11,697,0542.609/30/201813F
Carmignac Gestion10,424,9292.409/30/201813F
RBC Global Asset Management7,872,8471.809/30/201813F
Ruffer, LLP6,754,8871.509/30/201813F
BlackRock Fund Advisors 6,245,969 1.4 01/09/2019 Sum of Fund