Wheaton is one of the world’s largest precious metals streaming companies. We serve the mining industry by providing funding solutions to mine operators. It is our responsibility to ensure that we partner with mine operators that share our values and belief in responsible mining. Our values guide every decision we make as a company and as individual employees. Wheaton’s sustainability program is driven by proactive initiatives that are monitored and evaluated to continuously improve our engagement practices.


Our Values

Our commitment is driven by core values that define what is important to us and form the foundation for how we operate.

integrity integrity

We are guided by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics at every level of the company. We are honest and accountable in all our business matters and dealings.

sustainability sustainability

Long-term value can only be achieved through sustainable business practices from an economic, social, and environmental perspective.

safety safety

We believe everyone should go home safe and healthy each and every day, from the employees at our offices to the employees working at our partners’ mine sites.

respect respect

We approach every aspect of our business with an attitude of respect for each other, the environment, and for the cultural integrity of the communities where we operate.

accountability accountability

We take ownership of our decisions and actions. Accountability sets the stage for operational excellence.

excellence excellence

We deliver excellence through a disciplined approach focused on value creation.