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Streaming allows Wheaton to purchase generally by-product precious metals or cobalt production from a mine that it does not own or operate in exchange for an upfront payment plus an additional payment upon delivery of each ounce or pound. The operating costs that Wheaton pays for future production are pre-determined in the agreements with a small inflationary adjustment in most contracts. This amount offsets our partners’ typical cost to produce the silver, gold, palladium or cobalt. 

Predictable costs reduce our shareholders’ downside risk while at the same time providing the upside to increases in the precious metals or cobalt price. Other than the initial upfront cash payment, Wheaton typically does not contribute to future capital expenditures or exploration costs invested by the mine; yet, it benefits from the production and exploration growth that results from these expenditures. This business model often translates into significant value creation for Wheaton shareholders. To learn more about precious metals streaming, please refer to the Streaming Explained Infographic.