Tailings Management

Information on Tailings Storage Facilities of Third-Party Operators

“As an industry, it is our collective responsibility to protect the safety of the communities surrounding mine operations. Wheaton is supportive of greater transparency with regard to tailings management and welcomes the initiative on better disclosure. Our due diligence process has a strong focus on community and safety practices, including tailings storage facilities management.”
– Randy Smallwood, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wheaton Precious Metals

At Wheaton, we are committed to promoting responsible mining practices and pride ourselves in working with partners that share our values.

Wheaton and its subsidiaries generate revenue by entering into streaming agreements with third-party independent mining companies (collectively “Third-Party Operators”) with operating mines as well as exploration and development-stage mining projects. Wheaton is not involved in, nor does it control, the operational decisions of mine projects by Third-Party Operators.

As part of our ESG Due Diligence process, 10 Investment Principles guide Wheaton’s approach to evaluating potential streaming transactions as well as monitoring existing agreements. The purpose of these principles is to identify Third-Party Operators that appropriately manage their ESG and other risks in order to minimize Wheaton’s indirect exposure to those risks.

Throughout this process, current and potential partners’ tailings management systems are reviewed and assessed with a focus on safety. Please visit our ESG Due Diligence Process page for more information on how we conduct our due diligence.

In an effort to provide our shareholders with information concerning tailings storage facilities, we have aggregated links to our operating partners’ disclosure on this matter. Please see the table below for more information.

Mine Owner Mine(S) Location Website Link


Salobo, Sudbury1

Brazil, Canada

Vale on disclosure of tailings dams' information – Complete List




Tailings Management


Antamina, Yauliyacu


Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs)

TSF Table Data – South America

Hudbay Minerals

Constancia, 777

Peru, Canada

Mine Tailings Disclosure Table


Stillwater, East Boulder


Tailings Management

First Majestic Silver

San Dimas


Tailings Management

Lundin Mining

Zinkgruvan, Neves-Corvo

Sweden, Portugal

Tailings Management

Eldorado Gold



Tailings Management

Equinox Mining

Los Filos2


Tailings Management and Overview




Privately owned company3

1 Comprised of the Coleman, Copper Cliff, Garson, Stobie, Creighton and Totten gold interests. The Stobie gold interest was placed into care and maintenance as of May 2017

2 Los Filos is a heap leach operation and therefore has no tailings facilities.

3Aljustrel is privately held by Almina - Minas do Alentejo, S.A. with limited publicly available information.